Founded in 2017 as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization the Alcir Organization is a community-led non-profit working to unite families and communities while providing programs of care and hope. Through its three pillars of unity, hope, and care the organization is able to empower its communities and as a result create a more successful, engaged and connected community. 

Ciriaco Family

The Alcir Organization was founded in 2017 by the Ciriaco family - a widely known family in Wisconsin’s Southeastern Hispanic community for their past and continuing participation in the creation of cultural community events. Since 2010 the Ciriaco’s created, collaborated, and had a big role in promoting community events that fomented preserving Mexican culture. 


After years of funding, collaborating, and participating in over 227 events, Alejandro Ciriaco alongside his wife Ivonne Ciriaco and son Alexander Ciriaco-Gaspar, decided to finally establish a non-profit organization to further help the families mission. In 2017 Alcir Recreational Sports & Entertainment LLC was founded and established as a charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 


Since its establishment, the organization continues to provide free soccer programming for youth, provide community events for families such as its Annual Easter Event, Kids Day in Milwaukee and Waukesha County, Cinco de Mayo Celebration, while also providing youth development programs such as its Greater Minds Project-Program and its Alcir MARSE After School Education Program. 


In 2019 the organization decided to change its legal title to “Alcir Organization” in order to fulfill its goals. 


The Ciriaco family continues to work within the community by funding and fomenting youth development programs and providing unity, hope and care to its communities through a series of quarterly and year-round programs and events. 

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Alcir Organization - Community Party

mission & vision.

The Alcir Organization's mission is to foment family and community unity, care for fellow community members and provide a sense of hope to families through a variety of programs, services, and events. 

The Alcir Organization is committed to empowering its communities in any way it can, which is why we are driven by our three pillars of unity, hope, and care. 


ITS origin?

Many community members ask us, where did 'Alcir" come from? 

In 2010, Alejandro Ciriaco was an uprising entrepreneur who had multiple successful enterprises in the areas of entertainment, photography, and sound equipment. In order to distinguish himself from other enterprises he had to create a unique brand name that could easily correlate back to him, and that's how "Alcir" was developed. "Al" derives from Alejandro and "Cir" derives from his last name Ciriaco, through his combination of words Alejandro Ciriaco had created "Alcir' - a unique brand name that has stuck with his enterprises throughout for more than a decade and a name that many know him by.