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This is Alcir Recreationals Sports & Entertainments general contact informtion, you can contact us, by using any of our contact methods; email and office phone number. Feel free to contact us anytime throughout the day, our organization will be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns. Please be specific on help you need when contacting us, whether it being via email, or through phone.

*Construction in our office street is complete*


Aquí puede contactarnos utilizando cualquiera de nuestros métodos de contacto con preguntas o inquietudes sobre cualquiera de nuestros programas o eventos. Nuestra oficina se encuentra en el centro de Waukesha WI.

Alejandro Ciriaco


(262) 510-9318

Alejandro Ciriaco is the current president of the Alcir Organization and is part of the board of directors. Alejandro Ciriaco serves as the president, director of external divisions such as creating events to the public.

Alexander Gaspar

Director Youth Programs

(262) 527-9188

Alexander Ciriaco is a current intern-volunteer and part of the Alcir board of directors, as the Director of Youth Programs, Alexander focuses on creating interactive events that include our youth. 

Angelica Catalan

Board of Directors

(262) 527-

Angelica Catalan, serves as the a member of the board in our organization. Angelica is a current intern, volunteer, in assurance to helping create events.